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Time to market and superb execution are key for a tech startup to succeed in a competitive world.
An organization's ability to learn from mistakes and pivot quickly enough, can be enabled by their development and operations teams if they share the right mindset, understand the business, and collaborate toward global goals.

As a human-oriented full-stack developer, inspired by DevOps principles, I work closely with remote teams to help organizations improve their streams of value, delivering high-quality software through thoughtful planning, design and implementation of new features, refactor of legacy codebases, automatization of existing workflows, and designing new software development processes.

I live in Montevideo, the capital city of Uruguay. At EST+1, I am in a strategic timezone that allows me to work remotely with US teams during normal working hours.

I have an academic background in computer science and psychology, +13 years of working experience as a software developer, and +6 years working remotely, as part of globally distributed teams.

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If you are looking for a proficient full-stack developer, knowledgeable on DevOps techniques, and a team player who cares about people and technical culture, write me an email to I would love to know about your project.

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